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Bont Riot MTB+, the world's first carbon composite and heat moldable cycling shoe designed for mountain biking and priced for the masses, now available with proven BOA Performance Fit System.

The Riot MTB+ combines Bont Cycling's professional-series technical features including anatomical power transfer platform for greater efficiency, replaceable sole guards, unique carbon composite shaping, competition grade materials and BOA Performance Fit System to create the most technically-advanced entry-level MTB shoe available.


  • Material - Carbon composite construction with anti-stretch Microfiber upper and Bont Cycling's proprietary Epoxy Thermoset Fiberglass heat molding technology.
  • 4.8mm stack height for improved stability and injury prevention.
  • Frontal Air Vents for breathability in all-weather conditions.
  • Innersole - Comfort.
  • Sole Guards - Replaceable heel and toe guards.
  • Cleat Mounting - Two-bolt, SPD compatible with alignment grid plus grip.
  • Closing Options - Z-Form Velcro strap with Single-dial BOA L6 Performance Fit System.
  • Weight - 385 grams (approximate weight based on size 42 shoe).

19 Reviews

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    Highly Recommend

    Posted by Steve Kimsey on 21st Jun 2021

    The other brand of shoes that I was using were high volume (HV), which meant the soles were normal shoe width with extra material added to the upper.... so my wide feet were still squished. My other shoes were probably great for someone with fat narrow feet, but not wide feet. The Bont Riot MTB soles are actually wide and accomadate my wide feet. I usually wear a 45 size shoe and the size 45 Bont shoe fit perfectly. Heat molding the Bont shoes was also very easy. I found a YouTube video and followed the instructions, they fit like a glove and are half the weight of my other "HV" shoes that I was using. Highly Recommend!

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    Wished I would have bought them sooner

    Posted by Rod Budnik on 17th Jun 2021

    At the price point, I'm not sure there is a better shoe out there for me. I have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel. Contemplated buying the wide, but the standard was wide enough. I used the sizing guide to accurately make my purchase. I love how stiff the sole is and the shoes is very comfortable from the first ride. Have a few hundred miles in them now. My advice - Don't wait. Buy them sooner than later.

  • 5
    High arch -my wife eternal problem

    Posted by Edoardo on 24th Jan 2021

    I write this review based on my wife experienced. She is fighting since ever to find a comfortable pair of shoes for gravel and road. To have a access to the shoes she has to buy a bigger size that, after are not really working fine. For Xmas I bought for her 2 pair of shoes (wide fit) from Bont. Both shoes are not perfect but the best one that she got (till now). And believe me, she tried a lot of brand (Sidi, Nordica, Lake, Shimano, Diadora, Nike, etc.) and the best one are Bont followed by Diadora (also wide fit version). Since is now comfortable with the size and fitting she is thinking to buy an higher level (for road) or trying the custom offered by Bont (really a plus!).

  • 5
    Best MTB

    Posted by L. W. Lucas on 19th Jan 2021

    Without a doubt, the best mtb shoe I've got, right out of the box. Period!

  • 4
    Huge improvement over original Riot !!!

    Posted by Scott on 13th Jan 2021

    I had the original Riots they were terrible. These shoes are nice, I really am liking them. So many improvements. Nice and stiff, super comfortable. Pedaling feels ultra solid. Large amount of tread on the shoes gives confidence when needing to walk or put a foot down. Not quite 5 stars but close. Fit on upper strap with boa could be better and I lost the toe spike screws on the first ride.

  • 2

    Posted by Jason on 13th Jan 2021

    I’d say the heat molding technology needs some tweaks. I have moderately wide feet, and liked the ‘looks’ of the wider toe box, so I bought a pair during the Christmas sale, but didn’t get a real chance to try them after the initial heat molding process... They were initially (unmolded) uncomfortable and the feel didn’t really change even after two attempts but decided to give them a go on a ride. Hot spots and numbness was the result but unfortunately they were also a bit dinged up, so no return option available (as is typical). Ordered a size up (and paid full price, because I really wanna like these shoes), but basically same result all the way around...I’ma glutton for punishment I guess. If your looking for a shoe to transfer power and increase wattage, I could tell a difference from my Giro Codes which are a lot more comfortable just because of the way the Codes have flexible ‘sidewalls’. The Bonts seem to be made so that no energy is lost in the flexing of the (side) foot it seems, however the sizing and ‘heat molding’ selling points are way off. Maybe if I had limitless money and time, I’d go up a few sizes but after two tries and $400 or so bucks I’m pretty over the whole situation. I’ll stick to the Giro’s.

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    Even after heat molding, These are literally the least comfortable shoes I have tried. The sole is a tub, so your feet are essentially encased in plastic without padding

    Posted by Marshal S Olson on 10th Oct 2020

    Even after heat molding, These are literally the least comfortable shoes I have tried. The sole is a tub, so your feet are essentially encased in plastic without padding

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    Posted by TONY on 3rd Oct 2020

    I should have returned them as soon as I took them out of the box. Any possibility that they would stretch, after following the directions, only STRETCHES the imagination. I repeated the 20 minute oven process several times. I finally resorted to using a shoe stretcher after heating in the oven. Repeated that process several times. Helped some. But they are still extremely uncomfortable. Looking at the sole should have been enough for me to realize that there was no way that they would stretch sufficiently. Also, as other customer reviews have stated, the insoles are of very poor quality and too thin.

  • 5
    Fits great on my wide feet

    Posted by Kerry Erington on 5th Jul 2020

    Researched the best shoes for wide feet. Concluded I should try this shoe. It is wonderful. Much more comfortable.