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Bont Riot MTB+, the world's first carbon composite and heat moldable cycling shoe designed for mountain biking and priced for the masses, now available with proven BOA Performance Fit System.

The Riot MTB+ combines Bont Cycling's professional-series technical features including anatomical power transfer platform for greater efficiency, replaceable sole guards, unique carbon composite shaping, competition grade materials and BOA Performance Fit System to create the most technically-advanced entry-level MTB shoe available.


  • Material - Carbon composite construction with anti-stretch Microfiber upper and Bont Cycling's proprietary Epoxy Thermoset Fiberglass heat molding technology.
  • 4.8mm stack height for improved stability and injury prevention.
  • Frontal Air Vents for breathability in all-weather conditions.
  • Innersole - Comfort.
  • Sole Guards - Replaceable heel and toe guards.
  • Cleat Mounting - Two-bolt, SPD compatible with alignment grid plus grip.
  • Closing Options - Z-Form Velcro strap with Single-dial BOA L6 Performance Fit System.
  • Weight - 385 grams (approximate weight based on size 42 shoe).

25 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent for wide feet

    Posted by Paul Arden on 18th Aug 2023

    These and the Vapour seem to be one of the few genuinely wide mountain bike shoes available. I purchased according to measurements taken according to their guide and I feel they fit very well, though I would like to see the double wide size available in the Vapour available in this shoe as well to give a bit more room. In general very comfortable and basically when riding I feel like they disappear (in a good way). Off the bike they are ok, better than road shoes for sure but still fairly difficult to walk in. BOA system works great and stiffness is good.

  • 5
    Great shoes!

    Posted by Saba on 14th Aug 2023

    I absolutely love these, on my second pair! Roomy toe box, nice and stiff and breathe super well. I have a narrow ankle and the heat molding has been great for that too. I did find that I needed an insole as the stock insole isn’t great. They’re also unfortunately not great if you need to walk so don’t use them for adventures that require a hike a bike

  • 4
    Great shoe for wide bony feet

    Posted by Jonathan Jarman on 22nd Mar 2023

    My feet are wide and bony. The Bonts offer some adjustability with heat treatment but it takes some pushing and prodding to get there. They are very stiff and it feels like all the power is going to the pedal. However they fill with water in heavy rain and they become "boats" rather than "bonts".

  • 4
    Bont knows shoes

    Posted by Roberto Quiñones on 17th Feb 2023

    Great fitting shoes as only Bont knows how to make them. They feel robust and stiff for great power transfer to the pedals.

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    Riot MTB+Black/Black

    Posted by Bührer on 4th Jan 2023

    Alles perfekt. Der Schuh passt gut, vor allem gefällt mir die breite Bauart der Fussspitze, damit die Zehen nicht drücken . Wenn man die vorgegebene Grössentabelle sehr genau als Massstab nimmt, passt die bestellte Schuhgrösse auch

  • 4
    Very good, stiff shoe with lots of room in the toe box at a reasonable price

    Posted by Max Lein on 9th Dec 2022

    I have wide feet and was suggested to get either Bonts or Lakes. Bont offers some of their shoes in a host of widths in addition to just regular and wide. My advice: chat with the staff before you buy even if you follow their guidelines and measure your feet. Initially, my shoes were one size too small, but this was quickly rectified. The shoes themselves are high-quality. The carbon sole is very stiff, almost as stiff as that of my S-Works 7 that cost 2.5x as much. It seems the sole is a tad thinner than my S-Works. The bathtub construction takes some getting used to and you will need to break in your shoes. I haven’t heat molded them, but it is good to know that this is an option. Off the bike, the shoes are not easy to walk in as my previous pair (Velokicks Lactics), but on the bike they shoes disappear from underneath my feet, i. e. exactly what I want. The construction seems high-quality, e. g. I like that I can replace the studs. One area of improvement is the sole: I would prefer to have a Vibram-type sole with a softer, grippier material. Perhaps the harder material might wear more slowly, but if I can replace the studs, this trade-off doesn’t seem worth it.

  • 4
    Very close to perfect

    Posted by Opie on 21st Oct 2022

    Bullet points: - Shape of shoe amazing and like nothing else. Anatomically correct and your feet will not believe the difference. Perfect in every way - Stiff sole provides excellent transfer to pedals. Almost feels like cheating when compared to softer, more flexible shoes. - Above stiff sole and hard tread make these much more difficult to walk around in. Cleat doesn’t hit but (somewhat obviously) these are much harder off bike to get around in. - I would suggest maybe an “urban version” of this shoe with softer rubber compound for the tread. Most cyclists aren’t doing cyclocross-type stuff. No need for aggressive and hard tread most of the time. A softer compound would make off bike experience much better without sacrificing the stiff sole and terrific power transfer. - That said, this is a ridiculously amazing shoe for the price. Only not a 5 star because like the “perfect 10”, I believe those are only theoretical. Really a 4.8 or 4.9 star

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    Riot MTB+Black/Black

    Posted by Robert Braszell on 15th Oct 2022

    I wore the Riot MTB shoes at the World Gravel Bike Championships in Vicenza, Italy last Saturday. I won my event and the Bont Shoes obviously played some part in that win. They were comfortable and ideally suited to the conditions and 140km distance of the event.

  • 5
    Best I've found

    Posted by molly despondent on 25th Apr 2022

    I was having some toe pain once I started racing and riding harder than I had recreationally in the past. I had used inexpensive shoes, but I wasn't on my bike 10 hours a week! I tried Bonts, Shimano RX8 and Sidi Dominators. All at the same time. The Dominators had a strange sole bending your foot to their design. The Shimano's were nice - but twice the price of the Bont's. They weren't much lighter, and the sole was not as tough for gravel abuse. The Bonts had the best toe space, and I liked the stiffness of the sole. The BOA works great