Vaypor S White

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Designed to deliver your best performance ride after ride, the all-new Vaypor S has received more than just a facelift with the latest BOA® Li2 Fit System providing an even more precise, secure and micro-adjustable fit.

Promising speed, comfort and years of faithful service thanks to its anatomically-correct shaping, heat moldable construction and upgraded 316 marine grade stainless steel cleat t-nuts, the Vaypor S continues to raise the standard of professional-level road cycling shoes.

Built to meet the rigours of the WorldTour and crafted for those who demand the finest, the all-new Vaypor S delivers the most biomechanically correct platform currently available.


  • 100% carbon monocoque chassis utilising hand-laid unidirectional carbon and Bont Cycling's proprietary heat molding technology.
  • Durolite upper supported by an embedded anti-stretch fabric for a consistent fit across the lifetime of the shoes.
  • Comfortable faux suede liner with lightweight padding.
  • Industry-leading 3.6mm stack height (sole thickness) for a closer connection to the pedal, more rounded pedal strokes, improved stability and injury prevention.
  • Frontal Air Vents for breathability in all-weather conditions.
  • Innersole - EVA thermo-moldable with built-in inner padding.
  • Sole Guards - Replaceable heel and toe guards.
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel hardware for improved removal and replacement of cleat t-nuts and heel pads.
  • Padding - Closed-cell memory foam.
  • Fully heat moldable monocoque chassis.
  • Four regular widths: Standard, wide, Asian and narrow.
  • Two special order widths: Double wide and double wide Asian fit.
  • Cleat Mounting -Standard 3-hole road pedal configuration with alignment grid and grip. Also available with 4-hole Speedplay sole through custom MyBonts platform.
  • BOA Li2 Performance Fit System with dual-dial adjustability for a fast, effortless and precision fit. Backed by a The Boa Guarantee, dials and laces are guaranteed for the life of your shoes.
  • Weight - 230 grams (approximate weight based on size 42 shoe).

19 Reviews

  • 5
    Vaypor S

    Posted by Wilson on 26th Oct 2022

    Love the stiffness of the carbon sole and the room for my fore foot.

  • 4
    Vapor S

    Posted by Hamish Mckenzie on 5th Oct 2022

    I have been using the bont Vapor S for 6 months. From the first day I noticed how incredibly stiff the shoes are, the shoe to pedal power transfer is next to none compared to other shoe brands. The ability to beat mould the shoe is an incredible feature and allows for a perfect fit when setting up your shoes and definitely recommend doing this process. I did receive some blisters originally for a short period of time but does not last long before the shoes feel like home every time you put them on. The Vapor S is a perfect all round shoe for many disciplines and is incredibly versatile.

  • 5
    Perfect for all!

    Posted by Ben on 23rd Sep 2022

    I have really enjoyed using the oven treatment to make my Bonts feel like an extension of my body. You can make them fit how ever you want, and they are insanely comfortable thanks to this, I don't think any shoe offers it in such a way Bont does. Hard to find a shoe that is this stiff and comfortable. The only issue is they look so good I stare at them when I should be looking where I am going!

  • 4
    Vapor S

    Posted by Sd on 21st Sep 2022

    Ordered Double wide. Size is perfect. However, the insole is really non existent. You must purchase aftermarket insoles to optimize these shoes. The exception would be if you have very flat feet. White shoes do get marked up.

  • 5
    3 years strong!

    Posted by Matt on 14th Sep 2022

    Three years of daily training and racing and my trusty Vaypors barely show any signs of wear. Not even hitting a kangaroo and breaking a collarbone in them could trouble them. Only picked up another pair because i started wearing them for gravel races and want to keep a set of white ones mint for the road!

  • 5

    Posted by Marc Gaudet on 30th Apr 2022

    These are my first pairs of Bont Shoes, but not my last. They are so stiff it's incredible, full Power Transfer in 1 direction and I use Solestar Insoles that make them even stiffer. The insoles are hard to insert and get out due the stiffness of the show, but I have found some workarounds. I have been a Shimano S-Phyre shoe person for the last 10 pairs, but they will be back-ups only now, I am looking at buying a second pair of Bonts shortly

  • 5
    Best Shoe Ever...But...

    Posted by Chris on 6th Apr 2022

    I love these shoes. They're a massive upgrade from my previous generation Vaypors, BUT the arch support is not anywhere near as good as the previous Vaypors with straps. During my first ride, my arches were collapsing, resulting in my foot elongating and my toes pushing into the end of the shoe when I pedaled standing up or really dropped the hammer. If I sized up, (I bought the same size as my old shoes, and I confirmed my size with the size chart) the toe problem would have gone away but my collapsing arch would have likely caused issues down the road. I bought a pair of Solestar Kontrol insoles, which not only fixed the issue, but also snugged the fit of the upper around my instep by taking up some extra volume in the shoe. They now fit like a glove. I don't have an "arch issue" with my feet, but if you need support, be ready to get aftermarket insoles. If I thought arch support would be a deal breaker for everybody, I would have given this shoe a much lower rating. Overall, I don't think there's a better shoe out there. I will probably ride nothing but Bonts for the rest of my life. Shoes are very personal and there is no perfect solution for everybody. If you're shopping for this caliber shoe, you are probably well aware of this though. I'm certain any experienced rider who switches to Bonts will never consider going back.

  • 5
    Perfect for wide feet

    Posted by Cesar Villalba on 1st Feb 2022

    Best shoe if ever had, I have a wide foot and it’s the first time I can ride for as many hours as I need to without foot pain

  • 3
    Makes foot numb-- something is off

    Posted by Deepansh Kathuria on 19th Jan 2022

    This shoe was my second attempt at Bont. I got my MTB Riot for gravel biking a few months ago. The reason I got Bont was to try them out for their known comfort for wide fee. I bought the MTB shoe without measuring my feet so it is a size or two large. After an hour of wearing it, my feet get numb, perhaps due to the size? For the Vapor S, I measured my feet and got the shoe that was recommended by the size chart. It is extremely snug and I have a hard time getting it on. Once on, the comfort varies given the day. However, what is consistent is that my feet gets numb within an hour. I would recommend buying half a size up based on the size chart if one wants to put on the shoe easily.