Vaypor T Full Custom
Vaypor T Full Custom
Vaypor T Full Custom
Vaypor T Full Custom
Vaypor T Full Custom
Vaypor T Full Custom
Vaypor T Full Custom


Vaypor T Full Custom

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Size chart

Vaypor T Size Chart

Includes Vaypor T.

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Bont Cycling EU 36 37 38 39 40 40.5 41 42 42.5 43 44 44.5 45 46 46.5 47 48 49 50
Bont Cycling USA 5 6 7 8 9 10 10½ 10¾ 11 11½ 12 12½ 13 14
Internal Shoe Length 223 232 238 245 250 254 259 263 268 272 277 281 285 290 294 299 305 312 317
Foot Length Range 210-218 219-227 228-233 234-240 241-245 246-249 250-254 255-258 259-263 264-267 268-272 273-276 277-280 281-285 286-289 290-294 295-300 301-307 308-312
Narrow range 76-80 78-82 80-84 82-86 83-87 85-89 86-90 87-91 89-93 90-94 91-95 93-97 94-98 95-99 96-100 97-101 99-103 101-105 102-106
Standard range 81-90 83-92 85-94 87-97 88-98 90-100 91-101 92-102 94-104 95-105 96-107 98-109 99-110 100-111 101-112 102-113 104-115 106-117 107-118
Wide range 91-95 93-97 95-99 98-102 99-103 101-105 102-106 103-107 105-109 106-110 108-112 110-114 111-115 112-116 113-117 114-118 116-120 118-122 119-123
Double range 96-100 98-102 100-104 103-107 104-108 106-110 107-111 108-112 110-114 111-115 113-117 115-119 116-120 117-121 118-122 119-123 121-125 123-127 124-128

We recommend matching up the CM or JP number found on your current cycling shoes to the "Internal Shoe Length" millimetre (MM) measurement found on our size chart.

Assuming your current shoes are labelled accurately for length, matching up these numbers will give you the same shoe size as you are wearing now.



To find your Bont Cycling shoe size, download and print our all-new sizing page in A4 or Letter and follow the instructions exactly as listed. Stand barefoot, mark with a straight edge your longest toe and widest part of your foot. Double check the length and width with a ruler to confirm your measurements.

You can also try our Brand Comparison tool, designed to compare your current cycling shoes to the most appropriate size in Bont Cycling shoes. Be advised, you should still note the width of both feet to determine the best fit.


To find your size, take a piece of plain paper on a flat surface and place it directly up against a wall. Stand on the paper (barefoot) and ensure you have a 1mm gap between your heel and the wall. Plant your foot firmly on the ground mark the widest points of the inner and outer edges of your feet.

For the most accurate length, slowly roll your weight forward and onto the forefoot. Your heel should lift off the ground slightly during this process. Place a flat edge at the position of your longest toe, step off the paper and record the measurement from the wall edge of the paper to the longest toe (where you placed the flat edge against). Record the length. Repeat this step for both feet.

Once the measurements have been taken, use the Foot Length Range on the size chart to find your size. The Internal Shoe Length row refers to the precise internal measurement of the shoe in millimetres. We recommend a 5-8mm gap between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.

Example: Your feet measure 278mm in length (barefoot) and so you should consider size 45/10.5 as this will provide approximately 7mm gap due to the shoe having an internal length of 285mm.

Following selection of your size in EU or USA, move downward to select the most appropriate width. We recommend adding at least 1-2mm to your foot width to find the most appropriate shoe width. For example, you are looking at a Vaypor S and have determined your best shoe size is 45 and your feet measure 105mm (left) and 107mm (right) wide, with an additional 1-2mm added, you would still fit within the Standard Range. If your feet measure wide than 109/110mm (size 45/10.5) you should consider Wide fit.

NOTE: The stated size width range does not reflect the actual width of the shoe. Bont Cycling shoes are designed with structural support throughout the entire length including the forefoot and as such, the measured shoe width is designed to appropriately support the foot within the shoe. The width of the shoe will almost always be narrower than your foot which is intentional in order to provide the necessary support.

Please also keep in mind Bont Cycling shoes are designed around an anatomically correct last suitable for cycling however, this does not mean they are built in the 'bare foot' running shoe style.

For sizes that fall outside of our size chart, please get in touch HERE.

Customise with MyBonts

Bont Cycling's Full Custom program enables the most complete offering from Bont Cycling. Our Full Custom program uses cycling-specific foot castings supplied by the customer to build a pair of shoes constructed exactly to the shape of their feet.

Access to the MyBonts custom color program is also available for all Vaypor T Full Custom purchases. A member of the Bont Cycling custom team will be in touch shortly after your purchase to provide details around creating your full custom cycling shoes.

Production lead times are currently 10-12 weeks following delivery of foot castings to our factory. Please allow additional time for delivery to your chosen address.

Designed for pure performance, the handmade Bont Cycling Vaypor T utilises a complete carbon monocoque construction for the ultimate in pedalling efficiency.

The Vaypor T continues to raise the standard of professional-level track cycling shoes and has been further refined to improve on Bont Cycling's industry-leading performance and fit. Designed to meet the rigours of National, World and Olympic competition and built for those who demand the finest, the Vaypor T provides the most anatomically and biomechanically-correct platform currently available – for the most efficient and comfortable ride of your life.

MUST READ: Full custom process explained

  • 100% carbon monocoque chassis utilising hand-laid unidirectional carbon and Bont Cycling's proprietary heat molding technology.
  • Durolite upper & suede leather liner.
  • 3.6mm stack height for improved stability and injury prevention.
  • Frontal Air Vents for breathability in all-weather conditions.
  • Innersole - EVA thermo-moldable with built-in inner padding.
  • Sole Guards - Replaceable heel and toe guards.
  • Padding - Closed-cell memory foam.
  • Fully heat moldable monocoque chassis.
  • Cleat Mounting - Standard 3-hole road pedal configuration with alignment grid and grip.
  • Closure System - Bont Track Lace with replaceable micro-adjustable buckle.
  • Weight - 225 grams (approximate weight based on size 42 shoe).

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